Oil Painting and Virtual Reality. Fabricated Nature is a panoramic oil painting that has been digitally manipulated to be viewed in a VR headset. The  artwork is part of a series that focuses on themes of the urban park and  expresses an interpretation of the human-nature relationship. 
This piece was exhibited at the University of Leeds Design School degree show 2019 titled 'Making our Mark'. It was exhibited in two parts - the first being the VeeR 360 degree VR piece viewed in an Oculus Go headset, and the second was the original oil painting on canvas, hanging a huge 3 metres across in total. 
The process of creating this piece can be seen by the images below. The first image shows the final piece and final part of the process - the 360 degree image that is able to be viewed in VR. The second image shows the oil painting itself. Created from scratch, the bespoke 3m x 1m canvas and oil painting was the beginning of the process and required approximately 50 hours. The third image is not a work of art in itself but rather, it is an image to show the intersection of the process. This image shows the digitally manipulated version of the painting that was optimised to be used for viewing in VR that had been added to using Photoshop.
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