'Happy Diwali from Nutkhut' is part of a series of NutkhutRemote VR illustrative videos created in collaboration with Nutkhut. Please read the below description of our work together and learn where you can read more, written by Nutkhut.

"Happy Diwali 2020 from everyone at Nutkhut! In these changing times, Nutkhut has collaborated with our partners, PlayLabZ, a small team of artists and a number of technologists to develop new ways of bringing people together in a new activity called 'NutkhutRemote'. At its heart, NutkhutRemote is an activity designed to bring people together, learn new skills in a virtual environment and foster dialogue and creativity between generations of the same community or household. Taking the festival of Diwali as a creative starting point, Nutkhut Associate and VR specialist, Lorna Inman adopts the three-dimensional computer-generated environment of Virtual Reality and places it within the ancient tradition of Rangoli, a geometric, technicolour aesthetic."
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