Lorna Inman is an award-winning Virtual Reality Artist based in London, creating hand-painted immersive experiences. Since 2019, Lorna has been specialising in storytelling through 3D environment design using Tilt  Brush. Her illustrative environments reflect her former studies in BA Art and Design (International) at the University of Leeds and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

Lorna has created VR artworks and immersive experiences for companies including Google, Nutkhut, Leo and Hyde, Creative Solutions XR, and VRE London. Working as lead artist on a 360-degree film titled, "Girmit: Immersive Experience" Lorna and the team at Nutkhut were awarded with the 2021 Lovie Bronze and People’s Lovie Award for best Virtual Reality and 360 degree experience. The short film has been shown in several film festivals worldwide. 

As an enthusiast for the emerging design medium, Lorna regularly presents guest lectures, hosts workshops, performs art creations live on stage, and takes part in panel talks to introduce others to her immersive art. With experience performing live VR art at events such as the 2019 Google Automation Summit in London, her artistic practice runs alongside a disposition to share her skills, presenting her experience at: the University of Leeds, London College of Communication, The Realities Centre London and The Metaverse: The Professional Guide by Tom Ffiske book release panel talk, as well as appearing on podcasts such as The Illustration Conversation by London College of Communication, and Scintillating Microcosms by Harrison Wilmott.

Touring her artworks at events worldwide, Lorna’s ongoing artist residency with The Immersive Kind has brought her collaborative artworks to virtual exhibitions and in-person events across the globe, exploring themes of digital identity and virtual environments. These events include: Italian Fashion Week 2021, Kammerflimmern exhibition Nuremberg, Crypto Art Fashion Week 2021, Frankfurt Fashion week 2021, and many more.

Lorna has a persistent exhibition space in her own bespoke art gallery in the VR Metaverse
Somnium Space VR, in the Incubator of Crypto Art (IOCA) district.
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