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Girmit: An Immerisve Untold Story of Indentured Labour is a project created by Nutkhut, funded by the Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund, that aims to tell the untold oral histories of the indentured labourers that travelled from India to Fiji under the Girmit: an agreement to indenture. This is a multidimensional project, that takes form in one dimension: a graphic novel, in two dimensions: sonics of the sugar cane plant, and in three dimensions: a 360 degree film that immerses you into the life of a Girmitiya. 
Girmit was launched at the Mozilla Festival 2021 and achieved the Festival Director Sarah Allen's choice for her 'Pick of the Festival'. 
"Girmit aims to highlight the centenary of the abolishment of indentured labour and the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Fiji, to inform the public of this neglected part of British history, which remains relatively unknown outside of academic circles. The project deals with subjects including migration, isolation, humanity, pain, loss of identity, re-creation, culture, survival and hope, something every person can, in one way or another, recognise and identify with. Our artistic director Ajay Chhabra is deeply connected to the story of indentured labour as his grandfather, Lalli Maharaj unwittingly became an indentured labourer 7,000 miles away from his home at the tender age of 10. As we lead up to the launch of Girmit, we will be unveiling Lalli’s story on our blog, read the first blog, here. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, ‘Girmit’ brings together a multi-disciplinary team of digital artists, academics, heritage experts, archivists and educationalists all working towards a shared objective." - Nutkhut, 2020. 
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Official Teaser 2: The Process
Official Teaser 1: Girmit
Girmit: Defining Moments (Premiere and Q&A), Mozilla Festival 2021
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