'Star of Wonder' is part of a series of NutkhutRemote VR illustrative videos created in collaboration with Nutkhut. Please read the below description of our work together and learn where you can read more, written by Nutkhut.

"Nutkhut is proud to bring you our latest immersive VR film bringing the Great Conjunction, the start of the Christmas week and the winter solstice together. This film brings together the past, the present and the future, mixing genres and characters, gravity, and time. Christmas, The Great Conjunction – where planets will align in the night sky, which is thought to have been the source of a bright light in the sky, or the Star of Bethlehem, 2,000 years ago - and the winter solstice are our creative starting points for this film. Nutkhut Associate and VR specialist, Lorna Inman utilises the three-dimensional computer-generated environment of Virtual Reality and 360 to place this story within space and time, creating a visual experience for all to enjoy online. At its heart, NutkhutRemote is an activity designed to bring people together, learn new skills in a virtual environment and foster dialogue and creativity between generations of the same community or household. Discover more about NutkhutRemote, here."

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